Ingredients :

Eight cups of liquid whole milk, and mix the milk with ten tablespoons of white vinegar or lemon juice

Eight cloves of garlic

Two grains of onions, medium size

A cup of hot sauce

Six teaspoons of table salt

Two chickens of medium size

Spice mixture:

Two tablespoons of white sugar

Two tablespoons of table salt

Two tablespoons of fine black pepper

Two teaspoons of powdered garlic

Two teaspoons of powdered hot pepper

Two teaspoons of paprika

Two teaspoons of chicken spices to taste

Seasoning the flour:

Six cups of white flour

Eight teaspoons of baking powder.

Two teaspoons of salt

Egg mixture:

Six grains of white medium

Half a cup of water.

A cup of hot sauce. 

Two teaspoons of powdered garlic.

Preparation method:

Prepare a suitable bowl for preparing the chicken marinade, put in the bowl all of: liquid milk, garlic after chopping well, onions after being cut into thin slices, hot sauce, and an appropriate amount of table salt, my heart all the ingredients mix completely with each other, then add  To marinate the chicken well after cleaning it and cutting it.

Mix the chicken marinade is good, so that it acquires the taste and aroma of the seasoning, cover the container with a tight plastic bag, and put it in the refrigerator for long enough for a good soaking of at least two and a half hours.

Prepare a small bowl and mix the spices well with it.

Prepare a suitable oven tray, put the chicken in it after seasoning it well, then add half the amount of spices to the chicken.

My heart is the chicken with the spices well until mixed with it completely.

Prepare another bowl and put the white flour in it, add to the flour the remaining amount of spices, then add the chicken to the bowl, stir the chicken with the flour and spices well.  Cover completely with a mixture of flour and spices.

Prepare a small bowl and beat the eggs well, then add water, hot sauce and garlic powder to the eggs, stir all the ingredients well together.

Place each piece of chicken covered with flour and spices with the egg mixture, and turn the chicken pieces on both sides.

Then add the chicken pieces again in the bowl of the flour mixture, stir the good chicken pieces on both sides, and prepare them for frying.

 Prepare a frying pan suitable for deep frying the chicken, put an appropriate amount of frying oil in the pan, place the pan on a medium heat and wait for the oil to warm up well, then start by placing the chicken pieces in the hot oil.

Leave the chicken in the oil on medium heat, until it is well cooked and golden, taking care to turn it on both sides.

Put the fried chicken on tissue paper to get rid of the oil completely.

Prepare suitable serving dishes, and put fried chicken pieces in it.

Serve hot fried chicken dishes with any favorite salad.