Chicken is a useful and healthy food, and it is also one of the favorite foods that many love, especially when frying, as children love it many, except that fried chicken contains high calories, so it should not be over-eaten, and there are many ways to fry chicken and its seasoning varies, for this  We show you different and varied ways to prepare fried chicken.

Ingredients :


Eight medium-sized chicken breasts.

Two cups of curd milk.

The juice of two fresh lemons.

Four cloves of chopped garlic are good.

Two small spoons of paprika.

Two teaspoons of white sugar.

Eight tablespoons of chopped chickpeas.

Four tablespoons of white flour.

Two cups of lemon juice.

Two teaspoons of chopped coriander.

Eight tablespoons of mayonnaise.

The cover:

Four cups of soft rusk.

 An appropriate amount of frying oil.

Four large eggs.

Two teaspoons of fine, ground cumin are fine.

Half a teaspoon of fine black pepper.

Preparation method :

Prepare the chicken breasts to season them, by cleaning them well with salt and flour, then rinse them with water, then put them in a bowl of an appropriate amount of water with a little white vinegar, leave the chicken breasts with water and vinegar for half an hour to get rid of the exhalation completely, and finally rinse with water  Well .

Start by cutting the chicken breasts into medium slices.

Prepare a deep bowl to prepare the chicken marinade, put in the bowl both: curd milk, sour and fresh lemon juice, crushed garlic, the ingredients are good together, then add to the mixture paprika, white sugar and chopped chickpeas, my heart is good so that all the ingredients mix with each other,  Finally, gradually add the flour with constant and rapid stirring of all the ingredients so that no lumps form in the marinade, then add the chicken slices to the seasoning, stir the chicken slices with the seasoning well until it is well mixed with it.

Cover the container with a tight lid and put it in the refrigerator and leave it as long as possible, with a minimum period of two hours, until the chicken breasts acquire the smell and taste of the seasoning.

Prepare another large bowl, and put in it both: fine rusk, ground cumin, and fine black pepper, stir all the ingredients well mixed with each other.

The bowl from the refrigerator, and remove the chicken slices from the marinade, put them in the previous bowl, and turn them on both sides until they are well mixed with the previous mixture.

Prepare a suitable deep frying pan for frying the chicken breasts, and add an appropriate amount of oil to it, and leave the oil to warm well over a medium heat, then start frying the chicken slices, by leaving it in hot oil for about a third of an hour or until the chicken strips are well cooked and take a golden color and become  Crunchy on the outside.

Take out the chicken slices on blotting paper to get rid of the oil permanently, then put them on a suitable plate and serve hot.