Ingredients :

four slices of chicken breast, devoid of bone and skin.

One teaspoon of powdered black pepper, the size of a fine.

A small tablespoon of table salt. You can increase or decrease the amount of table salt as needed.

Two tablespoons of sunflower oil, olive oil, or any favorite vegetable oil.

300 grams of sliced ​​mushrooms.

Four large spoons of fresh apple juice, taking into account not to put sugar in it, (sugar-free. Four large-sized garlic cloves, taking into account the garlic mash well using a garlic grinder.

Four tablespoons of fresh cooking cream.

How to prepare :

Wash and season the chicken breasts. Wash the chicken breasts well with white flour and table salt, then rinse well with water to get rid of flour and salt.  . 

Prepare a medium-sized bowl, and add to the bowl an appropriate amount of table salt and fine powdered black pepper, mix table salt with fine powdered black pepper using a wooden spoon.

Then add to the bowl the chicken breasts, stir the chicken breasts with salt and pepper well, until well mixed with the salt and pepper mixture.

Leave the chicken breasts with the mixture of salt and pepper for enough time, to moisten well.

Grilling and cooking chicken breasts ;

Prepare a large, deep, non-stick frying pan, suitable for sautéing chicken breasts.

Add to the skillet an appropriate amount of your favorite oil, raise the pan over a medium heat, wait for the oil to heat up well, then add to the hot oil the chicken slices that have been seasoned.

Stir the chicken slices with hot oil well, and keep stirring enough time, ranging from about twelve minutes to eighteen minutes, or until the chicken slices change color, fry a little, and the water dries up completely.

Then add a small amount of water to the pan, sufficient for the chicken slices to mature, wait until the water boils well, then transfer the pan to a lighter heat until the chicken slices are well cooked, taking into account covering the pan with a tight lid, and turning the chicken slices from time to time.

To ensure the chicken slices are well cooked, remove the chicken pan from the heat.

Preparing the mushroom cream sauce ;

between another medium-sized, deep frying pan, suitable for preparing mushroom cream sauce.

 Add to the pan an appropriate amount of your favorite oil, raise the pan over a medium heat, then add to the pan the mushroom slices, stir the mushroom slices well in hot oil using a wooden spoon, and continue to stir well for a period ranging from three minutes to about five minutes, or to  To smell and blush well.

Then add the sugar-free apple juice to the skillet, and stir the apple juice with sliced ​​mushrooms for about three minutes.

Then add the crushed garlic to the pan, keep stirring well for long enough until the crushed garlic mixes with the mushroom slices, and takes a golden color, then add the cooking cream to the pan.

Stir the cooking cream with the mushroom slices, and keep stirring well until the mushroom slices are well mixed with the cream.

Leave the mushroom cream on the fire for enough time, ranging from about seven minutes to ten minutes, or until the cream takes a dense and coherent consistency, and the mushrooms become ripe and tender.

Prepare the chicken breasts with the mushroom cream sauce ;

add to the skillet the ripe chicken slices.

Stir the chicken slices with the creamy mushroom sauce well using a wooden spoon.

Leave the pan on medium heat for at least five minutes, or until the chicken slices are mixed with the mushroom cream.

Remove the pan of chicken breast and mushroom cream from the heat.

Serve a dish of hot chicken breast with cream of mushroom along with a plate of your favorite mature rice, or with a plate of pasta with white or red sauce, or with your favorite bread and a plate of nutritious and delicious salad.